Friday, 5 September 2008

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
Hello Matthias my name is Derek. I hear that you want to move to our planet.
I will tell you the good things about the planet. There are plenty of schools, good people, beaches, radio and songs.
The weather is bad on some days and good on some days. Some countries have wars but others are peaceful.
We have sports events and water and we breath in oxygen.

Best wishes
Hope this helps you


Kazzy said...

Derek loved your letter. Short and to the point but getting all key points in.
Think mentioning radio and songs was a good thing too as music is something that sets people apart from most animals and aliens might not know about that. They might want to know more about that.
I look forward to reading more of you work keep it up.

VCOP Teacher said...

I'm so glad to be Derek's teacher! I certainly think he has great potential as a writer. He has also been interviewed for Radio Warren - quite a star!

dazza d said...

Well done Derek - I really enjoyed your letter. I'm glad you are enjoying writing - your teacher played me your interview on Radio Warren - I hope one day you can build a house for me too!!
Keep up the excellent work!

VCOP Teacher said...

I think Derek might actually become quite famous this year - his interview on Radio Warren was fantastic!
He got a Head's Special you know!

sal26 said...

Well done with creating a really welcoming & friendly letter to Matthias, Derek! You've included lots of ideas to spark Matthias' interest in our planet from radio & the weather to songs & oxygen. I'd love to read a little more of your ideas about these things & I'm sure Matthias would feel the same way.

Poppy1978 said...

Hi Derek, what a great letter! You included lots of information in a clear and straightforward way. I especially liked the way you started with the positive points of our planet - there are many of them! Keep up the great work!

Tasneem said...

it is very good an informative