Friday, 5 September 2008

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
My name is Alina and I am from the planet Earth. Thank you for your letter - it was very good. I sent it to the Prime Minister however he might not reply - he is very busy at the moment sorting out our country's problems. I'm taking this opportunity to tell you about our planet.
Firstly, it would not be a good idea for your people to settle on our planet for many reasons, for example: there are to many people on Earth so there would be no more space for any other beings. The Earth's 2 biggest problems are: global warming, and the pollution.
People are making pollution all the time - frowing rubbish on the ground, burning stuff.
We also started global warming by using lots of electricity and fire.
What air do you breathe with? Because we breathe with oxygen. Will it be a problem?
If you have any more questions please contact me
love Alina


Kazzy said...

Hi Alina, loved your letter.
I liked the idea that you'd sent letter to prime minister and the comment that he might not reply!

Your explanations as to why it might not be a good idea for the aliens to settle on earth- i hope they believe you not sure we're ready for that invasion!
I also liked the way you invited questions.

VCOP Teacher said...

Alina tried really hard here to use connectives and I feel she has a good writer's voice. I look forward to reading more.

Poppy1978 said...

I enjoyed reading this letter Alina! I liked the way you were concerned if the aliens would be able to breathe, and also feel that your writing really has a voice - I could hear it loud and clear!