Friday, 5 September 2008

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
My name is Tasneem and I am from the planet earth. In this letter I am going to tell and describe to you what our planet is like and how we are living.
Firstly, planet earth is a beautiful planet. It has sandy beaches and saltly water in the sea, hills are covered in lush green grass and colourful flowers. Mountains have white snow on the top like a cherry on an ice cream.
Next, I live in a good city which has lots of tall trees. Although it was summer the weather here was very rainy. Roads are busy with transportation vehicles called cars.
The weather here is quite warm some months and cold others.
Problems our planet faces are global warming, which means the ice is melting, our planet is crowded (that results in not being able to have all your aliens on our planet) and the ozone layer having a hole in it.
I have a few questions to ask you:
How many aliens might come to live on planet earth?
We breath oxygen - will you be able to breath it?
I hope to see you soon,
Best wishes


Kazzy said...

Hi Tasneem I liked the way you started your letter it was very clear and straightforward.
A good use of opener with...
'Firstly, planet earth...'

In fact that whole description of earth was lovely, made me glad to live here.
I found your whole letter informative, and you asked some really sensible questions. I look forward to reading more pieces of your writing on this blog.

VCOP Teacher said...

Thank you for your comment - I was very impressed with Tasneem's letter as she wrote it in just 15 minutes as she was out with Mr Fairbank, Mrs Cook and Derek and was doing a piece for Rdaio Warren!

Poppy1978 said...

Wow! Tasneem I am very impressed, from what you have written it really sounds like you care about the planet we live on. I liked the way you also wanted to find out a little about Matthias too - well done!