Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Adverb poem

Swiftly, the birds fly in the air
Slowly,the tortoise creeps everywhere
Tragically, a shark nibbles on a hand
Cunningly, a fox pounces on a creature in the sand

Mysteriously, a black hole is formed in the atmosphere
Desperately, old men drink cans of beer
Gently, the summer breeze blows
Bravely, a doctor cuts off two toes

By Tasneem

Adverb poems

We have been writing Adverb poems - hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
Hello my name is Rebecca and I am from Southampton. I have read your letter and it is very interesting. So now I am going to describe planet Earth.
Planet Earth is very cool even though it is crowded with people. The weathert is always raining but it is sometimes sunny. But there is one problem, we can't fit all of you Aliens in Southampton because like I said it is crowded with people, so we can have you and two other aliens.
Us people go to parks, clubs and other places. Our parents go to work while we go to school and college.
Best wishes

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
My name is Tasneem and I am from the planet earth. In this letter I am going to tell and describe to you what our planet is like and how we are living.
Firstly, planet earth is a beautiful planet. It has sandy beaches and saltly water in the sea, hills are covered in lush green grass and colourful flowers. Mountains have white snow on the top like a cherry on an ice cream.
Next, I live in a good city which has lots of tall trees. Although it was summer the weather here was very rainy. Roads are busy with transportation vehicles called cars.
The weather here is quite warm some months and cold others.
Problems our planet faces are global warming, which means the ice is melting, our planet is crowded (that results in not being able to have all your aliens on our planet) and the ozone layer having a hole in it.
I have a few questions to ask you:
How many aliens might come to live on planet earth?
We breath oxygen - will you be able to breath it?
I hope to see you soon,
Best wishes

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
My name is Alina and I am from the planet Earth. Thank you for your letter - it was very good. I sent it to the Prime Minister however he might not reply - he is very busy at the moment sorting out our country's problems. I'm taking this opportunity to tell you about our planet.
Firstly, it would not be a good idea for your people to settle on our planet for many reasons, for example: there are to many people on Earth so there would be no more space for any other beings. The Earth's 2 biggest problems are: global warming, and the pollution.
People are making pollution all the time - frowing rubbish on the ground, burning stuff.
We also started global warming by using lots of electricity and fire.
What air do you breathe with? Because we breathe with oxygen. Will it be a problem?
If you have any more questions please contact me
love Alina

Replies to Matthias the alien

Dear Matthias,
Hello Matthias my name is Derek. I hear that you want to move to our planet.
I will tell you the good things about the planet. There are plenty of schools, good people, beaches, radio and songs.
The weather is bad on some days and good on some days. Some countries have wars but others are peaceful.
We have sports events and water and we breath in oxygen.

Best wishes
Hope this helps you


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Just today we have been writing to an alien, called Matthias, wanting to know all about our planet!

Tasneem,Alina and Rebecca