Saturday, 24 January 2009

Things that go bump in the night by Tasneem

"Come on lets get the ten up!" exclaimed Dan as he raced into the garden.
"Yeah, lets see how fast we can do it!" shouted Ryan running after him. Worriedly, Jay strolled towards them. It was his first time camping (even if it was just in Dan's garden) and he was a bit unsure.
"OK, I'm coming," Jay mumbled.
It took quite a long time to pitch the tent, but they had finally succeeded. It was a masterpiece (in their eyes). They settled down i the tet and began chatting. Feelig a bit peckish Dan reachhed for the salt and vinegar crisps. Munching wildly (unaware of what was happening outside) the three boys finished their snacks and decided to go to sleep. Flicking the torch off Dan, Jay and Ryan went to bed.
Suddenly, Dan woke up, "What was that noise!"
"Go back to sleep," muttered Jay, still half asleep.
"No, wake up you teo please!"
The two boys sat up and listened for a while. They noticed that the house lights were still on. Ryan checked his watch, 9:30 pm.
One by one the house lights flickered off. It was getting darker and darker as if pyramid walls were closing in on them. Stars came out like tiny studs. The moon cast an eerie silver light over the garden and it grew colder...
Unexpectedly, big footsteps trudged along the garden path. The sound came closer and closer. Being frightened and scared Jay huddled up in the corner and began to shiver with fear. Then they saw it! A dark shadow was circling the tent. Jay froze! Something or someone was out there. What could it be and why was it here?
A bangig noise could be heard, which was coming from outside like someone playing the drums really badly! There was no escape! All they could do was duck their heads under the sleeping bags, huddle up close and hope that nothing would happen to them. They could feel their hearts thumping rapidly, palms sweating and knees trembling.
Apprehensively, Dan unzipped the tent flap and rushed outside. "Come on," he screamed running for his life. "We might have a chance!"
Mortified the two boys, who were now quivering, followed him into the kitchen, slammed the door shut behind them and slid down onto a cold floor.
The next morning the boys were treated to a healthy breakfast of bacon and eggs. "So how was camping?" asked Dan's mum.
"Great, excellent!" exclaimed the three boys.
"I brought some pizza over but you unzip the tent. When I peered in but you weren't there. Why was that?" she questioned.
"Oh, Jay left something i the house so we went with him to get it!"
Dan's mother raised an eyebrow and looked at them each in turn. Dan, Jay and Rya, who were rolling their eyebrows around, knew she wasn't fooled.
Strangely and surprisingly nothing was ever spoken of what happened to the boys that night ad it remained a secret between them.


MissG@ShirleyWarren said...

Tasneem just to let you know what Pie said:
What a great piece
Tell Tasneem that I loved her story. I wonder if they ever got into any other scrapes?

Emma Shires said...

Lovely to see your still working hard on your writing Tasneem! I was scared for the boys as I read it, fantastic use of your suspense writing to build this up. Well done!